EMU’s CW students’ public collaboration makes national news

Hats off to undergrads Sam Schimmel, Eric Corliss, Karen Thompson, Taylor Cyr, and Garret Stralnic from Christine Hume’s “Collaboration and Community Projects” and Linette Lao’s “Mixed Media” classes! Their work has received national attention in the New York Daily News. The members were from the collaborative group known as Operation Mongoose 2012 whose public work urges a remembrance of books and bookstores as a declining animal in our increasingly virtual world of books.


Newly Appointed Blog Steward

Hello, my name is Arthur Challenger Oemke and I am the new steward of the EMU Creative Writing Blog. This is my second year in the Creative Writing MA program. I will endeavour to maintain the blog’s up to date community news as well as introduce some new elements. My vision is that this blog communicates, not just speaks. I encourage feedback; inform me of your wants, needs, quandaries- share your anxieties. This is a safe space.

As the end of the world hastens toward us, our community, creative writers and those who enjoy the work of creative writers, must collaborate, comingling ideas and events, a reciprocal sharing of what we each have to offer. During this period of administration, it is my aim to deface and contort the current blog into a shape that more closely resembles the aesthetic of EMU’s Creative Writing Program. If you have questions or submissions I encourage you to explore the submissions’ page here.

I look forward to my term as blog steward and honoring the community.