Featuring Candace J. Anderson

Hello my name is Candace J. Anderson, and I am honored to be featured in the
Bathhouse Blog. My family and I live in Ann Arbor, and I have been a teacher at St.
Paul Early Childhood Center and Preschool since 2017. I am a graduate student at
Eastern Michigan University in my third semester of the Creative Writing Program. I am
truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in a wonderful program with professors
who have shown me the limitless possibilities in Creative Writing, and have helped me in
my continued growth as a writer.

About the Poems

And Still We Wait, and And Still We Wait (Reprise)

These poems were written in response to our current social and political climate within the African-American community that has often transitioned into different forms of enslavement and oppression throughout history. Though these works, I hope to give a reader a glimpse into that systematic oppression.

My goal is to be able to provoke thought, and possibly start new conversations about the work that still needs to be done by all Americans, in our fight for true freedom and equality.

Candace J. Anderson, Poet, February 19, 2021

And Still We Wait

Browbeaten under the festering pustulous sun

wading in the recesses of history expunged a

cerebrally castrated apparition  

husk of humanities vermin 

hollowed and left to

toiling like a stoic effigy

corralled livestock 

undertow, governed

And still we wait

rebellion cleaving to the western blot 

scourged with fire 

branded by emaciation

underbudded iniquities putrefied

And still we wait

bifurcating our native tongue

a prosodic dysfunction that leaves

the central binary form scattered to the west impotent

ravaging our idiomatic expressions

casting it into swine

scavenging marrow abrasions

undergirded while birthing your disruptions 

And still we wait

circadian rhythms


binded by covetous

abhorrent reverie slothering

heterogeneity morphing state 

dropping into quiet sleep 


And still we wait

tongues clucking, clicking

utterances groaned in spirit


the lingual frenulum affixed 

 singing praises of a

 paradoxical dysarthria

aphasic and depleted

under siege by the harvest

waiting reap a reward is not in or of this life 

And still we wait

listening lapping up dry morsels  

creature comforts


underseeing the overseer

plucking motes from the eyes of 

these man-made God’s while using one hand to

place cotton to balance the scales of justice

with rubbed raw pink fleshy cuticles and wielding a shotgun in the other

We will wait no more

like dogs gnawing on bone

 with ulcerated bleeding gums

gritting through sawed down teeth while being

undervalued and desensitized to our own plight an

induced hyperreal simulacrum burdened to break free 



The Poet in a recent photo.

And Still We Wait…(Reprise)

And still we wait…

Still, sorrowful, silenced 

Souls war down 

Heels cracked thorns in feet


Transitioned from one form of captivity to another

Slavery, sharecropping, the new jim crow

Sowing blood soaked seeds

Harvesting on borrowed time 

Freedom bathing us in blue 

Batons tenderize our meat

Hair conditioned with yolks and scalding coffee

Cleansed with fire hoses and spittle

German Shepherds lapping at our skin

Puffed up lungs exuding chants that 

blow out burning crosses 

Black leathered gloved hands signaling retreat 

Pig squeals through hate sealed eyes 

Using mulatove cocktails to illuminate our path as we

cut that mutilated strange fruit from rope dangling on trees 

Bodies cured by the sun, charred by blazing gazes

fingers pointed with affixed poses, gleaming smiles 

Camera flashes at the pedestrian attractions 

Retrieving bloated bodies from rivers

baptized in blood

Rebellion spilling into the streets 

Kinky coily crowns that defy gravity stretching towards the sun flow in unison 

Fists lacerate the spaces between the wind 

Boots March in unison standing face to face with ballistic shields and masked faces 

Trudging through chitterlings, malt liquor, and crack