Alumni Feature | Two Sonnets

Alumni Adam Malinowski and David Kuhnlein are two poets living and working in the Detroit Metro area. In this rare alumni feature, we share two of their recent formal poems.

A untitled Sonnet

by Adam Malinowski.

Sonnet to the Sea by David Kuhnlein

He wants to know

What words are for

& I speak

Them awfully 


So his

Dreams might remain

Afloat like the alphabet

Grown into the shape of amoebas 

Forgive me

My tongue too much resembles 

The underside 

Beneath your tender


The open landscape, Lakeside in Summer, inspires poetry, travel and tranquility.

Poetry Fellowship Opportunity

This is the last two days for this opportunity! The 2021 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship is open now and seeks submissions. To apply gather 10 of your strongest poems, and craft a short statement about our work. This Fellowship is open to Emerging Poets, between the ages of 21-31. The Submission Process appears to be free of charge, and the Sub. Period ends on 4/30/2021.

If you have a collection 10 poems, and meet the age requirements, consider applying for this Fellowship. The call and submission guidelines can be reviewed here.

Good luck!

Thank you to Photographer Andrea Piacquakio for her image, entitled “Couple Reading…” Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.