CRTW Graduate Showcase

CRTW Graduate Showcase 2013It excites the Creative Writing blog to announce the Creative Writing Graduate Showcase on Thursday, April 18th from six until eight in the evening. This blessed event will be hosted in the Carillon Room in the Halle Library on EMU‘s campus. The graduate performances promise to “blow down doors and hurl windows from the highest of towers.” Those performing include Nicholas “Mr. Electric Ocean” Mourning, Arthur “Ace” Challenger Oemke, and the articulated semtex-man Gerard Breitenbeck. Each will be performing an aspect of their Creative Masters Thesis projects. Mourning’s work is a an ethnographic mapping that bisects poetics and the electric self. Oemke’s can best be referred to as debauched fiction that attempts to undermine the authority of the sensorium. Capping the event, Breitenbeck will showcase new forms which break stale narrative sculptures and blast through our rectangular age with a re-percussive return to the early eighties.



Sidebrow Open Reading Period – August 2011

SidebrowSidebrow is holding an open reading period for unpublished book-length manuscripts of prose, poetry, cross-genre, and collaborative work through the end of August 2011.

There will be a $20 reading fee for each submitted manuscript. As thanks for helping develop Sidebrow’s collaborative projects, Sidebrow contributors will be offered a discounted reading fee of $10 per manuscript. All writers who submit during the open reading period will receive a complimentary Sidebrow title, provided the cost of shipping is included with their submission.

Simultaneous submissions will be considered where noted; notify Sidebrow promptly should your manuscript be accepted elsewhere. Work published in part as a chapbook will be considered, as long as the manuscript in its current form has not been previously published.

For more information, visit: