Last Grad Student Guest DJ for Winter ’10 semester on Poetry Radio

Please tune in to this extraordinary listening experience, curated and DJed by our very own Joe Sacksteder, this Sunday (April 18) at 8-10 p.m., on EMU Poetry Radio.

EMU Poetry Radio Live – The Intersection of Sound Poetry and Classical Music
Host: Joe Sacksteder
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010
Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm

In this radio show, host Joe Sacksteder will play tour guide as sound poetry springs fully-armed from the head of classical music. The distinction between the two is often blurry – this show will wallow in that blurriness. Tune in and you’ll hear works by Stockhausen, Webern, Schoenberg, Ives, Rachmaninoff, Mahler, Steve Reich, Ligeti, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Berio, and Babbitt. Stay for the whole thing and you’ll be rewarded with some treats by The Billy Nayer Show and some sidesplitting mashups of Werner Herzog.

Grad Students are guest DJs on Poetry Radio

Starting this Sunday, students from Christine Hume’s Sound Poetry class will be guest-hosting Poetry Radio, broadcasting on EMU’s livestreaming Eagle Radio.  See the schedule below and please tune in Sundays at 8 p.m. here:  

March 14: Tom Boersma
March 21: Jesse Eagle
March 28: Natalie Tomlin
April 4: Leto Rankine
April 18: Joe Sacksteder

You can also listen to Eagle Radio with on-campus cable channel 19.

Poetry Radio — are you tuning in?

Poetry RadioThe Creative Writing Blog hasn’t plugged Poetry Radio in awhile, so let’s do that.

Tune in to Poetry Radio (online at Eagle Radio, WQBR), Sundays at 8 p.m. EST to catch  livestreaming contemporary and historical sound art, performance art, sound poetry, collaborations between writers and musicians, student work, and audio stories.

Hosted by EMU Creative Writing professor Christine Hume.

Cris Cheek on Poetry Radio tonight!

Tune in to Poetry Radio (online at Eagle Radio, WQBR) to catch some of the sound work of Cris Cheek — an upcoming reader in the BathHouse series — tonight at 8 pm, streaming live.

Listening will be a great way to preview and prepare for Cheek’s reading at Dreamland theater on Thursday, March 12 at 5 PM.

And remember that you can catch Poetry Radio every Sunday at 8 pm, EST, at:

Poetry Radio – Special MLK Day Show

This Sunday’s edition of Poetry Radio (1/18, 8pm) will feature a special MLK Day show, including Pamela Z, Language Removal Services, Tracie Morris, Sun Ra, Jaap Blonk, Amiri Baraka, Claudia Rankine, People Like Us, Will Alexander, Fred Moten, Michael Harper, Taylor Mali, Cecil Taylor, and Martin Luther King Jr. 

 Hope you can listen:   

Tune in to Poetry Radio

Check out Professor Christine Hume’s new radio show, POETRY RADIO, streaming live Sundays at 8 p.m.

In her own words: “At the crossroads of textual and sonic arts,  Poetry Radio will feature poetry in the age of the MP3. This show will also sample contemporary and historic sound art, performance art, sound poetry, collaborations between writers and musicians, and interviews with writers.”

You can tune it at: