Cellar Roots 41 – read it for FREE online!

Cellar Roots 41, the 2012 edition of EMU’s own arts and literature annual anthology, was released last month.  The print form was limited to a 500-copy run, but the new edition is also available in digital form online at the new CR site (www.cellarroots.com) where you can download it for free!  Congratulations to everyone who has work in the new edition.

Also, Cellar Roots is looking for a new editor-in-chief for v.42.  Application deadline is June 13 at noon.  Contact Kevin Devine at 734-487-1026 or kevin.devine@emich.edu for more information.

Innovative Fiction welcomes your submissions

Innovative Fiction is a new online magazine produced by EMU Literature and Creative Writing major and novelist David Detrich.  Submissions are welcome in the form of “avant garde novels that use typographical design to convey a modern esthetic, reviews of innovative novels, innovative fiction itself, literary theory in essay form, or artwork that might inspire the young novelist.”

E-mail submissions to: dwdetrich@gmail.com and check out Innovative Fiction at http://innovativefiction.blogspot.com/.