Presenting Marie Williamson

 I am performing my poem called “Tenebrism” from my Capstone Project titled “Artemisia.” My Capstone Project is ekphrastic poetry inspired by the famous Judith paintings of the Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi. 

Marie is a Creative Writing major with a double minor in Art History and Literature. Ekphrasis has allowed her to combine two passions: Italian Renaissance and Baroque art with poetry.

“I like my poetry to experiment and respond to the feelings one has when seeing these artworks. I have had the privilege to travel to Italy for two study abroad trips, and I was able to see many of the artworks that inspire me to write. In the fall, I will be continuing my Creative Writing education at Eastern as a graduate student in the Creative Writing MA program. I will also be a graduate assistant in the Department of English Language and Literature.”

Listen to Marie’s Capstone here: “Tenebrism: Part One and Part Two.”

Please join us in congratulating Marie!