Capstone Project reminder

The Capstone Project is a graduation requirement for all Creative Writing undergrad majors.  If you’re on of those folks, you’ll want to read through the following brief guide to completing your Capstone Project:

The Capstone should be a complete and polished creative work, a demonstration of your abilities as they have developed during your time in the Creative Writing program.  The Capstone can take many forms: a single written work, a collection of shorter works, or a recording or other multimedia presentation.  Keep in mind that the purpose of the Capstone is to generate a new, final project, not to recycle a previous creative writing project.  Previously written works must be substantially altered, edited, or expanded in order to qualify.

The completed project should be 20-35 pages in length.  In the case of multimedia projects, an advisor will work with you to dtermine specific requirements based on your chosen media, and you will be required to include a short written preface contextualizing and conceptualizing the work.

You must complete a contract for the Capstone Project which can be found at:

The Capstone also includes a performance component fulfilled by giving a reading of your work at the on-campus Creative Writing showcase on April 9, 2010.

If you are graduating this semester, it is vital that you make an appointment with an advisor ASAP to plan your project.  April graduates should have their projects approved no later than February.  If you plan to graduate next semester, it is not too early to begin thinking about your project or to begin discussing your ideas with an advisor.


For general information regarding Capstone Project requirements, questions, and concerns, contact Noelle Havens (

For advising and approval of your Capstone Project contract, contact Carla Harryman ( or Christine Hume (