New Graduate Literature Class for Winter 2012

If anyone is still looking for a literature class this Winter, here’s an option (with only two seats left!): 


LITR 578: Classy Postcolonialisms

Prof. Natasa Kovacevic

Struggles against European colonialism are inextricably linked to a contestation and/or adaptation of capitalist class relations that the colonizers established in their former dominions to manage colonized labor and resources. We will look at the myriad ways in which social class enters postcolonial literature and theory, especially at the historical intersections of anti-colonial wars of national liberation, Cold War discourses, and the dissemination of socialist ideas worldwide.

Major themes:

  • Class stratification as a thematic concern in postcolonial literature and theory
  • Intersections of gender, class, and subalternity
  • Postcolonial socialist realism
  • Writing revolutionary violence
  • Postcolonial adaptations and renunciations of Marx
  • (Im)possibility of solidarity across anti-colonial lines
  • Theorizing neocolonialism
  • Global protests against neoliberal capitalism