Jessica Chrisekos reviews Laura Wetherington, Jill Darling, and Sara Williams

EMU Creative Writing student Jessica Chrisekos reviews the EMU Faculty BathHouse Reading from earlier this semester that featured Laura Wetherington, Jill Darling, and Sara Williams:

On Wednesday, September 28th, Eastern welcomed Laura Wetherington, Jill Darling, and Sara Williams to the Creative Writing BathHouse Reading Series. Their performance was particularly enjoyable for me. They covered a range of topics, and they also included many styles of writing. The first style presented was a collaboration between Jill and Laura. They went back and forth reciting lines of their own. This was fun for the audience to listen to because there were two different voices that needed to be strung together to create one poem.

Along with a collaboration, many styles were present in their performance. There was humor, as well as a disturbing tale about a Michigan murder. Sara Williams also included a piece called “First Poem.” I really enjoyed listening to this. There is a sort of magic that comes along with children and the innocence they possess. It’s interesting to think that when we were very young, we had none of the cares that we carry now. “First Poem” had a special meaning to me, as it drew attention to the fact that perhaps life isn’t as troublesome as we thought. While there are hardships, it’s important to remember the simple things that never failed to interest us when we were so young.

I enjoyed this BathHouse reading because these three wonderful women had energy and passion. It’s always fun to watch a poet perform and express themselves. In a way, they are letting you into their mind for a brief moment, letting you think their thoughts, and feel their feelings. This was definitely the case for this event, as the readers captured and held my attention with their works.