The Blog Wants You (So Does the Photo page)

The Creative Writing Blog is always looking for content.  So if you have something that you think would be worthwhile to share on the Blog, send it!

Submissions can include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • announcements about your work (including cognate work and work appearing online)
  • transcripts of your self-conducted interviews with local or visiting writers
  • your original reviews of books or readings by local or visiting writers
  • info about where to find recent interviews and book reviews of visiting authors, submission/contest opportunities, and articles on writing and publishing
  • anything else you think might be of interest to folks involved with the CW program.

A great starting point for finding authors to interview and review is the Bathhouse Reading Series (see link in the Blogroll).

Likewise, the Creative Writing Flickr photostream would love to see your images from recent CRTW classes, mixed media/cognate projects, and readings or other events.

Send your blog submissions and/or your pics (ideally jpeg format, around 1MB) to:
jvisnawi<at symbol>