BathHouse Review – Daniel Borzutzky and Amy Sara Carroll

Author: Anthony Echols

On September 27, through September 28 Eastern Michigan University was presented with two amazing guess speakers, Amy Carroll, and Daniel Borzutzky. My immediate response of there reading or rather the immediate word that came to mind was inspiration. Although, their podium inside of Eastern’s auditorium isn’t exactly the definition of immediacy, both Amy and Daniel had no problem doing just that. Rather it be preforming over cartoons or words sprouting out of air there, word both about and in the poem itself are extremely elegant.

Reviewing Amy Carroll presentation, one could pull away with a sense of belonging, beauty, becoming of words and different ways words could be implicated. Even more traditional poem used multicultural wording with attachment not to the meaning but to the words themselves but the creative ways to use said words. Her emphasis on placement and crossing out of certain words were beyond my reach of enlightenment. She combines both the editing phase and the metamorphosis phase where one would change the raft into the final draft. This stage is something I have been waiting to play with but couldn’t quite grasp so needless to say her technique alone could have inspired the auditorium. Her performance most visual only brought more vision and more technique once read aloud. Her ability to embrace her mistake and create something that belongs to the world of artistry is simply phenomenal. Even the word placements on the photography have a hint of embracement of imperfection. Creating a more human, pleasing, warm feel to the photo. Amy Carroll, poetry and presentation created a very personal feeling, homely, human feeling. Even when presenting inspiring, intelligent, and extremely creative work she gave a sense of home with her words and phrases.

Daniel Borzutzky presentation used amazing word play, empathic tone, creative version, and the theme of pain and love. “They pay us…” is a phrase you would hear a lot during his presentation. Both a mixture of pain, love, money, take, borderization. Is like currency within his poems. Daniel would read his poem in a style that shows his overwhelming themes, as the quick sentence, fast past leaves you with a certain ignorance that the character within his own poem would feel. Biblical analogies used to expression confusion and emotion runs deep with his poem. The uses of many figurative languages, allusive, creative language, capture the inner darkest human emotions. Daniels use of words and visual representation of deborderization causes a creation of inspiration inside of anyone lucky enough to have the experience of watching him perform.

Both Amy and Daniel confessed multiple techniques and ways to create, engaging with them, causes only ways of enlightenment. There presence was felt, and their art receive. This bathhouse reading has only made me wish for a more personal sittings with these two to see how much more they can evolve me.