Matteson Roark Reviews November 2012 Bathhouse Events

As I listened to Dmitri, I found myself writing down his words/lines, but only the ones I took as sexual content or a sexual response. Here’s the poem that it created:

Nude female bodies

no two shorn horns touched

the rim felt hollow

taking his time of various texture

fill every nook and craning

hiding in its dark room

finger wander against its moist surface

hard on the outside soft/meaty on inside

perhaps it was an optical illusion

felt raw and vulnerable

resisted his touch


he tasted rust

felt something holding his gaze

no disgust, until today

he had felt something

reaching for a real life he could touch

occupy all its space

the look she gave him

what does it mean?


Positive reinforcement

he bounced

again and again

training himself to be a master

habits formed in this way

providing sense of purpose

one step better

screwed away the night

no wonder

he knew


lit the string on fire

and drove them home






I did something similar for Roy, but instead wrote down the first words/lines I heard after I was done writing the previous lines.


Come upon it

trots ahead

to future canyons

across the high mesa

stagger of the cloud border

it was said

mystery of the aggregate*

I felt scratchy

one after another

with a long standard siiii

remain tilted

ripples of breath slowly diminished

Her face emerging from the wreckage’s.

That woo who shit

we wave, nod

standing on my own fake


Crumples into the pavement

being a criminal is hard work

death is abstract

your face stuffed with liar’s papers

shit never ends

marinated all night long.


I chose to do my response this way because I felt like I was interacting with readers as they were reading in the auditorium. It gets pretty tough to focus during BathHouse readings, or any event that is mandatory for a student to attend because the majority of them don’t want to be there and it shows. Students were constantly getting up, coming in late, leaving early, talking and blatantly being disrespectful. I understand if someone has to go to the bathroom, is running late, or has to leave early, but I can tell the difference the person that is the above versus the GROUPS coming and going and being disrespectful.

I felt the second day was the hardest to be able to focus on the readers because they were much less engaging with audience, which caused more people to get up and leave or talk. Aside from that, I think the point they were trying to drive was about community and being comprehensible- “Language is a zombie”- Roy