Newly Appointed Blog Steward

Hello, my name is Arthur Challenger Oemke and I am the new steward of the EMU Creative Writing Blog. This is my second year in the Creative Writing MA program. I will endeavour to maintain the blog’s up to date community news as well as introduce some new elements. My vision is that this blog communicates, not just speaks. I encourage feedback; inform me of your wants, needs, quandaries- share your anxieties. This is a safe space.

As the end of the world hastens toward us, our community, creative writers and those who enjoy the work of creative writers, must collaborate, comingling ideas and events, a reciprocal sharing of what we each have to offer. During this period of administration, it is my aim to deface and contort the current blog into a shape that more closely resembles the aesthetic of EMU’s Creative Writing Program. If you have questions or submissions I encourage you to explore the submissions’ page here.

I look forward to my term as blog steward and honoring the community.