Cellar Roots Deadline Approaches

This year’s Cellar Roots deadline is December 3rd at 11:59PM

If you aren’t familiar: Cellar Roots is Eastern Michigan University’s visual and literary arts journal. CR has been publishing excellent student work as well as work from all over the country for 37 years and has won numerous awards for both design and content.

Why you should submit:

1) There is NO reading fee for EMU students/staff/alumni.

2) The submission process is exceptionally easy. Last year CR launched a new electronic submission process. Submitting is now as easy as writing an email. Just fill out your contact info and attach your rich text document. Please read the guidelines carefully about what not to include in document.

3) CR nominates writers for the Pushcart awards (http://www.pushcartprize.com/) and submits for the O’Henry prizes (http://www.randomhouse.com/anchor/ohenry/).

4) You want to be published.

Visit: emich.edu/cellarroots and click on the submit link.