Jessica Chrisekos reviews Capstone Showcase

EMU student Jessica Chrisekos reviews the recent undergraduate Creative Writing Capstone event:

EMU’s Creative Writing Capstone Event

EMU’s Creative Writing Capstone Event was filled with many talented writers, artists, friends, and family. The event, which took place in EMU’s Student Center Gallery, was a collection of student’s works over the course of the last two semesters.

I was one of the readers at this event, but it was interesting to see the different approaches each writer took for their Capstone Project. Many writers used poetry as a way to express their ideas and feelings. Some read from stories they had been working on, and others summed up their work in a short film. While every project was different, each writer delivered their piece with unfailing passion.

The Capstone Event was filled with many passionate writers, but it also reflected the wonderful professors that helped guide and shape students in the Creative Writing program over the last several years. The professors present at the event were Christine Hume, Carla Harryman, and Rob Halpern, all talented writers and speakers.

I am proud to say that after four years of enjoyable work in the Creative Writing program, I am graduating with not only a better understanding of myself and my own work, but that I’ve learned so much from my professors and fellow graduates. The Creative Writing program was truly a blessing, and all of the students had wonderful, inspiring work to show for it.