What we did on summer vacation…

Students, alums, and faculty were busy making us proud this summer and into September:

Joe Sacksteder‘s sound poems were published at textsound: http://textsound.org/index.php?ISSUE=13.  Joe also had a story published in Booth (Sept 7): http://booth.butler.edu

Peter Markus was named a Kresge Arts Fellow for 2012.

Elizabeth Mikesch, Gerard Breitenbeck, and Ned Randolph spent two weeks on a  cultural exchange and workshop in Lisbon, Portugal.

Brynne Barnes‘ children’s book, Colors of Me, won its third award: The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for First Published Work: http://www.gelettburgesscenter.com/2012_honors.php.

Kudos to everyone for their awesome achievements!

CRTW Faculty Releases: Ventifacts and Open Box

CRTW Faculty Carla Harryman and Christine Hume both released new book/CD combos earlier this year.  Check them out if you haven’t already:

Ventifacts by Christine Hume (Omnidawn)


Ventifacts begins the year Christine Hume’s daughter develops a wind phobia, but quickly blows into lyric investigations of the wind in art, politics, and literature, highlighting the currents between imaginary relations and physical conditions.




Open Box by Jon Raskin and Carla Harryman (Tazdik)

Three years in the making, Open Box is one of the most exciting and successful collaborations of poetry and music ever made. With meticulous attention to detail, Jon Raskin has set the genre-busting poetry of Carla Harryman to music ranging from rock and metal to jazz and free improv. As radical as the writing, the music is brilliantly arranged, and interacts with the texts in a variety of dynamic ways. Each track is a world of its own, and moves forward with a focus and direction unprecedented in music/poetry collaborations. Featuring Raskin’s all star west coast quartet, and the poet herself reading from some of her most cutting edge works, this is music-poetry at its very best.


textsound Issue 13 is now live!

The editors of textsound have announced publication of Issue 13.  Read on for more info…

textsound ISSUE 13 IS HUFFING AND PUFFING to knock your mouse’s sock off.

Featuring work by Joe Sacksteder, Judith Goldman, Mike Gould & Ken Mikolowski, Ish Klein, We Are Your Friends, and Audra Woloweic.

From the editor’s note: “‘I am committed to an impossibility,’ Laura said to Anna. Anna liked this. Well, she didn’t like it, but she understood it. She thought it had something to do with being compelled by imitation…” These are verbal scenarios for some of your walks in life.

We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issues. Please note our submission guidelines have changed.

Also, we’d love to know what you think. Email us at editors at textsound.org. Thanks for tuning in.


Anna Vitale & Laura Wetherington
editors, textsound.org

Now available: Sex in the Library

Sex in the Library is an anthology of nine provocative, text-based performance pieces by members of the Writing for Performance class at Eastern Michigan University (Winter 2012). These texts represent an extensive range of textual and performance strategies examined and actualized over the course of the semester. The texts are captivating on the page: visually, linguistically, syntactically, and in terms of their performative, textual presentations. Each piece further points to its own dramatic realization off the page. From a musical score to an improvisational divination, the work included here is smart and dynamic, serious and hilarious, and of the caliber and genre-busting spirit of great Poets Theater work. Sex in the Library is a textual event indicative of many further off-page events to come.

Contributors include: Emily Clarkson, Emily Riopelle, Kay Crawford, Melissa Bowling, G. Matthew Mapes, Matt Catania, Jonah D. Mixon-Webster, Jill Darling, and Miranda Metelksi.

To obtain your own copy of Sex in the Library, send $10 plus $2 shipping to:
Jill Darling
Frog Island Press
English Department 612 Pray-Harrold
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

or email frogislandpress@gmail.com for more info.

Get more details at http://frogislandpress.blogspot.com and http://jdnotes.blogspot.com/2012/06/now-available.html.

Cellar Roots 41 – read it for FREE online!

Cellar Roots 41, the 2012 edition of EMU’s own arts and literature annual anthology, was released last month.  The print form was limited to a 500-copy run, but the new edition is also available in digital form online at the new CR site (www.cellarroots.com) where you can download it for free!  Congratulations to everyone who has work in the new edition.

Also, Cellar Roots is looking for a new editor-in-chief for v.42.  Application deadline is June 13 at noon.  Contact Kevin Devine at 734-487-1026 or kevin.devine@emich.edu for more information.

Alumni news

Congratulations to Creative Writing alumnus Joe Sacksteder!  Parts of his 2011 grad thesis have been accepted for publication.  The Collagist accepted one piece for their February issue (http://www.dzancbooks.org/the-collagist/2012/2/8/scratch-where-it-itches.html), and Sleepingfish accepted a substantial portion as well (http://www.sleepingfish.net/Xi/Sacksteder.htm).

Additional congratulations go to 2010 almuna Brynne Barnes!  Her book, Colors of Me, won the 2012 Friends of American Writers Award for Juvenile Literature!  For more info about the book, check out Brynne’s website: http://www.brynnebarnes.com/

Way to go, Joe and Brynne!

Congrats to Sean Kilpatrick on book publication!

CRTW Grad Student Sean Kilpatrick had his book, fuckscapes (Blue Square Press), published during winter break!

Check out some reviews of fuckscapes:
Also, some of Sean’s Rimbaud mistranslations just got accepted at The Boston Review for the April issue.  Way to go, Sean!

Margaret Leary in Ann Arbor Observer

Check out CRTW Grad Student Margaret Leary‘s article, “Our Deer,” in the January 2012 issue of the Ann Arbor Observer (pp.33-35).  Margaret describes it as “half journalism and half lyric essay,” and some of her fellow students will recognize it from the Lyric Essay class.

Way to go Margaret!